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Vow Renewals 

I vow to love all of you - Snoring included

Love isn’t always a perfect fairy tale. Love and any relationship is about working as a team. It involves compromise, facing challenges, working through obstacles and overcoming them, together as a couple and never taking each other for granted. 

Relationships, of any kind are work.


Most importantly, love is about recognising that it's all worth it, because you're doing it together as a united team. Fairy tale or not; together for a year, 10 years or 40 years, no doubt it's been a journey and an adventure that is worth acknowledging and celebrating.

Perhaps you got married abroad and you now wish to express your vows to one another in front of your family and friends. Maybe you now have children who you'd like to involve in your ceremony this time round. Whatever your reason, personal to you. 

A time to recommit yourselves to one another, to reinstate your love, to re-pledge your promises to each other, and to recognise and continue celebrating the years still ahead. 

This ceremony can be as public or as intimate as you like, or if you prefer a grand celebration with extended family and friends, go for it!

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