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Relationship Healing Ceremony

A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other

There are so many reasons why being in a relationship of any kind, can be such an awesome thing. ​

However, as complete and happy as relationships can make us feel, overall, they too can be hard work, emotional and life-altering. Unfortunately, not always for the better, as they can also be extremely stressful and damaging. 


Judgment and blame are 2 of the biggest factors that cause issues within relationships. When we feel judged or blamed, it can invoke feelings of rejection and self-doubt. Without judgment, relationships thrive and when you release judgment, relationships can heal.

Pride and self-preservation can also be big players in the delay of repairing any flawed relationship. But life is seriously too short to never accept your part played, or address the issues between you, patch your problems, and forgive.

A Relationship Healing Ceremony can be a wonderful way to bind and lock in your pleas for forgiveness, your agreements to look forward and welcome each other back into your lives. It's a great way to help mend and rebuild any broken down relationships, be it family or friends that you would like to reunite with and recommit to. 

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