Your Celebrant

My name is Chantell and I'm a Professional Independent Celebrant.

The definition of a Celebrant is: 

'a person who performs a rite. A rite of passage is a ritual, marking the change in a person's social or physical status'

Simply put ... I LOVE love! 

My wife says I'm addicted, and for once, she is completely right.

I got engaged to my best friend in January 2018 (after a joint 8 proposals!) and we got married on 22nd September 2018! Of course, I arranged the whole day and it was spectacular - yes, I absolutely do say so myself. 


I'm obsessed with love; a complete sucker for true romance,  and of course celebrating and throwing it around like confetti. I lose hours on YouTube crying over every romantic gesture, every proposal, every wedding - just any kind of celebratory ceremony.

It is an absolute honour and privilege to be a part of someone's special day - especially designing and officiating their perfect ceremony.


My passion for love and happiness, my fantastic listening skills and my reassuring approach allow me to design with you, a uniquely tailored and personal ceremony. I then bring to life your spectacular ceremonial desires and personally perform your rite as your very own personal Independent Celebrant. 

Hand in hand, we create magical and meaningful memories, which will bind not only you as a couple, but your families and friends too.