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Those we love, don’t go away They walk beside us every day

Unseen, unheard, but always near

 Still loved, still missed and very dear

The loss of a loved one is a time of tragedy and turmoil; an extremely difficult period – one of sadness, acceptance, adjustment, and so many more uncontrollable emotions.


Whilst Funeral Directors manage the necessary elements of the funeral arrangements, as your Celebrant, I work with the bereaved families and bring to life the story of your missed love. I then lead and conduct a beautifully captured service, at which family and friends pay tribute and celebrate the life of the one you’ve lost.


I provide solace and comfort and demonstrate the utmost compassion as I help alleviate at least a little weight from your shoulders.


Whilst being sensitive to how you and your family will be feeling, along with respect your needs and your every emotion, I focus on you and listen to your memorial service wishes.


I personally visit you (as many times as you need), and through photos, stories and your treasured memories, I get to know you and the loved one who has sadly passed.


Together, we design, write and create a beautiful ceremony service which will personally reflect your dearly departed in a way they would’ve liked to be remembered. This will be unique to you and your wishes and to those wishes of your lost one. It can include music, readings, poems, a moment of silence – whatever you desire.


Sorrow and heartache are prevalent following the loss of a special someone, so we use the ceremony time as a celebration of your lost one’s life. This can be in many forms; such examples can be in the way of music choice, in the description of who the person was to you and who they were as an individual, their achievements, their dreams, how they brought joy to you and radiated their energy wherever they went.


There will be an overall message of love, remembrance and a delicate farewell, but if you and your loved one so wished, you could also choose to have a more upbeat and celebratory ceremony.


The choices are those of your dearly departed and yours.

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