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Closure Ceremony

The ending of a significant part of one's life, be it loss through death, a relationship coming to an end, the passing of a pet, the loss of a job – whatever it may be, can be extremely difficult to deal with. That someone or something that was once a huge part of you and your life, has now come to an end.

Certainly, the breakdown or ending of any relationship, for any reason, or a loss, can quite quickly and for any length of time, cripple you with unbearable emotional wounds.

There are so many emotions we need to deal with: denial, anger, depression. The turmoil is often extreme. After a long devastating roller-coaster of grief and sensitivities, we may reach a stage of acceptance and if we're really strong, eventually, we can even reach a stage of forgiveness - towards others and ourselves. More often than not, accepting and liberating yourself of these feelings, of course can take years and sadly, not everyone is eventually freed of them, but instead become consumed by them. 

Closure is letting go of what once was. Finality. Peace. Finding closure implies a complete acceptance of what has happened and honouring the transition from what has come to an end, to the start of something new.


This is a lovely ceremony to help you come to terms with, or at least give yourself the chance to receive closure, for your own peace of mind. A ceremony to help you to forgive a little easier and to help release yourself of the suffocating sadness and animosity you may be feeling. 

You may be going through a separation, divorce, a breakup of any kind, and you simply want peace of mind and closure. You want to do this simply for you! Or perhaps you just want to close a chapter in your life, that's either holding you back or you simply no longer need.

Perhaps you've suffered a loss of sort and just want to say your silent goodbyes and have better closure. I can design a ceremony personally fitting to you and for you. 

This ceremony can help you back onto the road of repair and start you on your path to a new future and open you up to new opportunities.  

It may not even be yourself who's experiencing this, but perhaps a friend, family member or even your own parents. You could offer this to them in addition to your ongoing support.

Heal the past, Live the present, Dream the future

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