What is a Celebrant?

W hat is a Registrar?

A Registrar-led wedding ceremony is largely limited with no allowance for personalisation, or any embellishments whatsoever. 


Registrars can only deliver a ceremony in a registered venue, which has to be a permanent structure with 4 walls and a roof. They deliver standard, off the shelf, script-read ceremonies, lasting between 10 and 30 minutes and are based on a template, which is used for every couple. Sadly, there is no allowance for any uniqueness whatsoever. 


Registrars are allocated by the Registry Office and unfortunately, couples are unable to spend time with the Registrar prior to your ceremony. Unlike your Celebrant, with whom you spend time, you get to know and feel comfortable and at ease. 

When using a Registrar to perform your wedding ceremony, they always seat the couple to face them (therefore, the couples' backs are to their guests). We on the other hand, seat the couple in a position facing everyone they care about, so family and friends can enjoy their every smile, their every tear - every expression. 

In a Registrar ceremony, generally photos are not allowed. In addition, photographers are no longer permitted to photograph the signing of the register. Fear not; as your Celebrant, I have a secret offering around this to allow you to capture that very significant moment. ​

Registrars generally schedule a number of ceremonies per day, so they are very strict with timings. If you're late, your ceremony could very likely be pushed to another date if they have another couple scheduled in after yours. 

Having explained the differences, please don't be misguided, as you still very much require a Registrar to carry out the legally binding marriage part of your wedding.

All you need to book in for, is the Notice of Intent to marry and the brief signing of the register (save your vows and ring exchanging for the Celebrant ceremony). The register signing can take place either prior to or after your wedding day ceremony, but best to get it done before. We provide full guidance, hints and tips on the best, most cost-effective way forward with this. 

Chantell, your Celebrant, works closely with you to design and craft a sincere and personal ceremony unique to you and your love story. We then bring it all to life to create the perfectly unique ceremony and the most magical memories to last forever. 

Celebrant-led ceremonies, of any kind, are not time restricted; they can be as brief or as long as you like and take place at any time of the year. If you have children and you'd like them to play a role in your ceremony, you can do just that. I only book one ceremony per day so as to ensure I am not rushed and my time and focus is fully on you.


A Celebrant can perform your ceremony anywhere you choose - just use your imagination! 

As your Celebrant, I meet with each couple in order that we get to know one another, to ensure we're the right fit and you feel comfortable and safe. I learn about you, your story and your ceremonial desires.

I appreciate not all ceremonies come problem-free, so we have a contracting session during which we work together to find the best way possible to deal with or overcome any difficulties, sensitivities or concerns you may have. We stay in touch as much as you do or don't want. We walk hand in hand together in this team together - from our initial meeting, to the 'I dos'.

On the day of your chosen ceremony, I arrive at least an hour earlier to ensure everything is thoroughly and perfectly set up and it all runs as smooth as a baby's bottom! I meet your guests, your family and friends. If I've not done so already, I meet the members playing any significant roles in your ceremony. I'm there to give you any reassurances required and if you so wish, I also offer a rehearsal.  

My ceremonies can include many beautiful and very unique symbolic ceremonial services that can be added, to create your one-of-a-kind ceremony. Such examples are readings, songs, lighting of the unity candle, sand ceremony and so many others. We will find what matches your values and resonates best with you. If you want an element of religion, I'm happy to include, or if you want a flavour of culture from another country, I'll blend this into your ceremony. 

If on the day, you're fluffing, panicking, or just need a moment to breathe easy, I don't start your ceremony until you are 100% ready. So you go ahead and have your moment! 

Let's change things up a bit. Together, there is no end to our imagination!