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Acceptance Ceremony

Acceptance is the Key to being Truly Free

Accepting who you are in general is a personal journey for all of us; with challenges and obstacles of all sorts along the way. However, it can also be an exciting adventure that should be acknowledged and accepted by not only yourself, but the people who mean the most to you and who may or may not have already lived, experienced and travelled this journey with you. Coming out as LGBTQIA+ certainly isn't always easy! 

Of course, how we choose or need to come out, is always different - not only down to our personal preferences or style or personality and so many other vital reasons, but also very much down to our circumstances – family, friends, colleagues, lifestyle – again, so many more key factors - unfortunately, not all positive or easy!  


I know how difficult that can be for anybody! Especially, if their families don’t support them or even worse, turn their backs on them. I'm fortunate enough to have an extremely supportive and accepting family and family-in-law; even when I decided to come out at 41 years of age!


I’m lesbian and I myself have gone through my own challenging times, along with my wife (who came out at 35!), so I completely appreciate the sensitivity and delicate approach that is very much required.

I also know what a special occasion it can indeed be too! Even exciting at times.

The ceremonies I design are totally unique to each individual – your story, your circumstances, your challenges, your families and the support you may or may not have.

No doubt, as challenging, exhausting and daunting as it's been, you've now accepted who you are, you've learned to embrace it all and you're ready to come out to your family and friends. 

Why not share this life-altering realisation and self-acceptance, with those special and closest to you, through a beautiful, sensitive - even fun and memorable - Acceptance Ceremony? Acceptance for yourself and acceptance for those you love.

An Acceptance Ceremony is a perfect and unique way to bring your loved ones together, to share your decision to come out.


Or perhaps, you just want to show them some form of appreciation - a thank you, and to acknowledge their ongoing support, acceptance and significant parts they have and continue to play in your self-discovery.


If you are ready to come out, but are unsure how others might react, you could consider making contact with a support group first. There are helplines, community groups and agencies across the country who are there to support and advise you.


With regard to my ceremonies, I walk hand in hand with you through your journey. I learn about you, your life history, your challenges and your desires for your new ‘start’, so to say!

Whichever step you're next about to take, if you'd like this to play a special and positively memorable part in your life, and to those who mean the most to you, this is the ceremony for you!

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