We are your Ceremony Planners & Magical Memory Makers!

We're a happily married couple, waving our wand of wonders to give you your dream ceremony to commemorate and celebrate your life-changing events; be it your Wedding Ceremony, Renewal of Vows, Acceptance CeremonyCommitment Ceremony, Closure Ceremony, Relationship Healing Ceremony, Polyamorous Ceremony, or even Family Blending Ceremony.


Are you planning to propose to your better half? We can guide and support you with ideas, finding suppliers, venues and sorting all the arrangements.

Choose your venue - licensed or not. Your ceremony can take place pretty much anywhere your heart desires. Inside or outside, on a beach, in your garden, in a wood, on your street. Religious or spiritual, or a bit of both. Traditional or anything but, or a combination. Want your children or pet to play a role? Want to walk down the aisle together? You can. Want a themed ceremony? I'll even dress up!

Your ceremony is 100% personalised and bespoke to you as a couple, based on YOUR love story and your values.

Whoever you are, whatever your culture, religion, or background. Whether you're gay, straight, transgender, gender neutral, non-binary, you've come out, or you're still on your journey or perhaps you're in a polyamorous relationship. We'll bring the magic and help you to design and bring to life a tasteful ceremony of your dreams, individually unique to you and your circumstances.

Your ceremony, where and how you want it. Your rules, your way!

Having a Celebrant-led ceremony is as limitless as your imagination. ​

Your Magical Memory Makers

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Waving our Magic wand

The Little Touches

We all know, it's the little touches and differences that make any ceremony that much more memorable and special.

We have an entire range of one-of-a-kind ideas to suit you and your ceremony.

Hand in Hand

As you walk hand in hand together, we too walk hand in hand with you as I capture your story, your values and what means most to you as a couple, right through to the design of your special ceremony ... to the hugs and kisses, the congratulations, the toasts, and even the dad-dancing! 

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